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During the week from 3/6 thru 3/12 this department made 10 summary arrests. Those arrests include 2 Harassment, 5 Disorderly Conduct and 3 Truancy offenses.

Incident Type:

Based on information received by this department regarding a suspect selling illegal drugs in the township, an investigation was started. Detectives started a conversation with the suspect, identified as Daniel Sinclair, to make a purchase of the illegal drugs. The suspect arrived and was arrested.
Based on a drug investigation, Detectives applied for a search warrant for 76 Meadow Court in the township. Detectives located various controlled substances and paraphernalia in the residence. The suspect, identified as Tyrell Ellison, was arrested.
Police were dispatched for a retail theft in progress at Target. Security advised that a Hispanic female was last seen running across the parking lot wearing a black jacket, black head wrap, blue jeans and brown boots. The suspect removed 2 baby car seats and 2 air mattresses valued at $969.96 from...
Police were contacted regarding a retail theft of Coach glass frames from Progressive Vision. Upon reviewing video surveillance, police determined that suspect Delia Perez removed a pair glass valued at $225 from a display case. At no point did the suspect attempt to pay for the glasses and walked...