School Bus Stopping Law Violations

We are seeing a significant increase in School Bus Stopping Law Violations. Every year in Pennsylvania children are needlessly injured or killed by drivers passing stopped school buses.  Unacceptable!

1. When you meet or overtake a stopped school bus with red signal lights flashing and stop arm extended, you MUST STOP.

2. When you approach an intersection where a school bus is stopped with red signal lights flashing and stop arm extended, you MUST STOP.

3. You MUST STOP at least ten (10) feet away from the school bus.

4. You MUST WAIT until the red lights have stopped flashing and the stop arm has been withdrawn before moving.

5. DO NOT MOVE until the children have reached a place of safety.

All Violators could be subject to various fines up to and including the following:

* 60-Day Driver's License Suspension

* Five (5) points on your driving record

* $250 Fine

The Amity Township Police Department takes complaints of this nature very serious. We will be diligent in our enforcement of these issues. I am asking the community for your help in bringing these wrong doers to justice. If you observe a School Bus Violation call 911. Try and get a registration plate number. Get the location of the occurrence, a description of the vehicle and operator. Take a snapshot of the registration plate if possible. And most importantly, forward this vital information to our department and we will act.

"Our children's safety is at stake!"


Chief Andrew J. Kensey 
(610) 689-6002