Numerous motor vehicle accidents are occurring due to the snow. Please drive carefully. 

In preparation for the upcoming potential inclement weather forecast, please remember to keep vehicles off roadways when roads are snow or ice covered.

Ordinance #223 will be in effect during times when roads are snow covered to help snow plow operations that are being performed. Thanks you for your cooperation and help to our snow plow drivers. Stay safe!

Be advised Monocacy Hill Road between Rte 422 and Valley Road will be closed today (11/10) from 6:30 am to as late as 6pm due to pipeline construction.

The Twin Valley High School received a report that another student made a threatening remark. The report was immediately investigated in cooperation with high school administration. The investigation concluded that no threatening remarks were made. Administration is continuing the investigation, but has concluded that there is no threat.

Be advised, Monocacy Hill Road between Valley Rd and Rte 422 will be closed Wednesday, November 7th, 7am to 7pm due to pipeline work.

Please be advised, Route 422 westbound is closed from Old Airport Road to North Monocacy Creek Road due to a Crash involving a fire truck. It is estimated that the road will be closed for several hours. We will update you when the road reopens. Please avoid the area.


     Chief Andrew J. Kensey

This is a test of the Amity Township Police Departments push notification

Police were called to the Twin Valley High School to investigate an incident and the school was placed on lockout until police investigated and determined there was no immediate threat.