Rash of Overnight Commerical Burglaries



UPDATE: All suspects have been identified for the Mall Burglary ONLY thanks to tips received. The suspects have been taken into custody. Anyone with information relative to the other burglaries is still asked to contact police.

The Caernarvon Township Police Department is investigating a rash of commercial burglaries that occurred during the overnight hours between 06/06/17 and 06/12/17. Actors concentrated on the center of Morgantown and so far five businesses have been victimized. During one of the burglaries, the suspects were caught on camera and were operating what appears to be a dark green over tan in color older model Chevy Suburban or similar vehicle with a snowplow attachment on the front end. One of the suspects was wearing a red t-shirt with a peppermint candy on the back. There was also writing on the back under the candy that appears to say “Mint Condition” and the word under it is not legible. Anyone that has information relative to this case is asked to contact the police at (610) 286-1012.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017
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