Retail Theft - Attempt to ID



On April 10th between 0243 and 0301 hours, the two pictured Hispanic males entered the Walmart in Elverson and selected a large amount of perfume and cologne from the shelves. They concealed these items in a backpack which was also selected from off of a shelf. The two males also selected a Bluetooth speaker and two videogames which they also concealed in a backpack. The two males then exit the store and place the items in their vehicle. The males then reenter the store at 0301 hours and proceed to the infants section and remove two grocery bags full of infant formula and leave the store again at 0305 hours.


The males depart in a silver in color sedan.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the police department at 610-286-1012.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 (All day)
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