Active Shooter Training at Twin Valley High School

All members of the Caernarvon Township Police Department participated in a 16 hour (2-Day) Active Shooter Response Training Course. The training was put on by members of the FBI and other local law enforcement agencies from around the country. They were all trained as instructors with Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) by the Texas State University.

The training was conducted in the Twin Valley High School and the training event was extended to various other law enforcement agencies from around the state. Approximately 120 total police officers attended this event that occurred this whole week and continues next week.

The training consisted of teaching officers proper tactical approaches to a variety of scenarios and proper use of force. The training made the situations "real world" and both officers and assailants used simunition weapons that fire a paint projectile. Some scenarios also used simulated explosive devices and IEDs. It helped officers train and prepare for an active shooter event.

The idea was to put officers in as realistic a situation as possible. They were given a brief description of a scenario and were asked to react. The training also provided our officers with the opportunity for interagency training and to familiar us with the way other law enforcement agencies do things.

Members of the Caernarvon Township Police Department would like to thank the Twin Valley High School for allowing us to use the facility for this very important training. We would also like to thank the trainers from the FBI that hosted this important training.