Department Personnel

The Central Berks Regional Police Department includes 21 sworn law enforcement officers and one civilian Admin. Assistant that provides 24/7 police coverage to the residents of Mount Penn Borough, Lower Alsace Township, Saint Lawrence Borough, and Oley Township. Collectively, we serve a population of over 13,000 residents across a 30 square mile region of Berks County. Our patrol officers are assigned to four squads. Each squad works 12-hour shifts. Our patrol division’s primary duty is to respond to calls for service along with traffic enforcement but some of our officers are also involved in various community policing programs. The Central Berks Regional Police Department also has a criminal investigation division which consists of one Detective Sergeant, one Narcotics Investigator, and one Criminal Detective. The Detective Sergeant and Criminal Detective handle all criminal cases that require further investigation beyond an initial report taken by the patrol division. Examples of cases handled by the criminal investigation division are: homicides, assaults, sexual offenses, burglaries, robberies, credit card frauds, identity theft, etc. The Narcotics Investigator handles all drug-related cases. The Central Berks Regional Police Department also has an Accident Reconstruction Unit and Bike Patrol Unit.

Central Berks Regional Police Department Roster (12/11/2019)

Chief Raymond Serafin #1 -

Sergeant Matthew Mace #14 -

Sergeant Justin Johnson #12 -

Sergeant Wayne Levey #10 -

Sergeant Joseph Yourkavitch #11 -

Detective Sergeant Deron Manndel #15 -

Detective Joseph Taimanglo #112 -

Detective Ronald Linderman #114 -

Officer Matthew Rissmiller #104 -

Officer David White #105 -

Officer James Strobel #109 -

Officer John Verno #108 -

Officer Joshua Steingraber #110 -

Officer Bryan Cilento #100 -

Officer Christopher Mayer #106 -

Officer Sulivette Morales #111 -

Officer Jeremy Smith #115 -

Officer Nicholas Phillips #116 -

Officer Wesley Erney #117 -

Officer Elliot Kreimendahl #107 -

Officer Christopher DiPietrantonio #102 -

Civilian Administrative Assistant Claudia Hurwitz -