Amazon Email Scam

On Sunday October 18th, 2020 our department was dispatched a Fraud assignment regarding a fraudulent amazon email.  The caller stated the email said that her order for a 70" flat screen tv, and an xbox one console totaling $6,000.00 was going to be shipping.  The caller contacted a number in the email regarding the order.    The caller  was then instructed by the so called fraud department to purchase multiple Google Play Cards totaling $400 to prevent the order from being shipped.  It was finally realized that this was fraud scheme and no more monetary transactions were completed.  

We would like to remind everyone that there are many different types of fraudulent schemes going around.  Please do not give your information out over the phone or internet unless you are 100% certain it is legit.  Legitimate sources do not except, gift cards, google play, cards, etc for payment.  Again if it smells fishy it probably is.  You can always call the Douglass Township Police and ask us first if you think something is awry.

Douglass Township Police Department (610)367-9474