No Shave November

The officer's of the Douglass Township Police Department will be participating in No Shave November this year.  We are partnering with 7 other police departments: West Pottsgrove Police Department, East Vincent Township Police, Birdsboro Police, Douglas Township Police (Montgomery), Upper Pottsgrove Township Police, Lower Pottsgrove Township Police, and Lower Providence Township Police.  To participate, the officers donate funds to forgo their department's shaving policy for the month. The donated funds are donated to the Red Corner Benefit, which aids local children battling cancer. If you would like to support this fundraising effort, don't hesitate to reach out directly to any officer involved and they will give you a hand.  You can also go to

Our department has also decided to donate to Morgan's Magical Ears.  Morgan is the God Daughter of Officer Bryan Sockel.  He asked us if we would help her cause and we all said absolutely.  Morgan was born deaf and hears with the help of bilateral cochlear implants.  She is paying it forward by donating sand buckets filled with fun kids items to children getting surgery at CHOP as well as other children across he country.  Again, if you would like to support Morgan in her efforts you can reach out to any officer involved and they will give you a hand.  You can also visit Morgan's facebook page, Morgan's Magical Ears.