Community Tips - Door to Door Vendors

The Laureldale Police Department would like you to be careful when approached by vendors and door-to-door salespersons. Please check with the borough office to verify if they possess a permit to solicit in the borough. There sometimes are companies that go door to door without a permit and act overly aggressive with borough residents. Be careful of the following:

1. Don’t let them push you into letting them come into your home.

2. Make sure they have clear, legible, official company identification.

3. Make them produce the permit from the borough.

4. Don’t be pressured into signing a contract until you have time to review it and check out the company.

5. Don’t let them pressure you to allow them to “check” on a meter or batteries.

6. Consider just taking their information and tell them you will call them another time.

7. Make them take “NO” for an answer if you do not want the goods or service.

If you feel unsafe or any of the above is happening, do not hesitate to call 911, in an emergency or 610-655-4911 for a non-emergency.