Assistance Requested for Theft of Liquor



The Muhlenberg Twp. Police are investigating a series of liquor thefts from the PA Wine & Spirits store.  On Tuesday 17 Jan 2017 at approx. 1955 hrs, the male pictured is believed to have selected a bottle of Crown Royal, valued at $60.00, and placed it in a gift bag he was carrying.  The male bypassed all points of sale and exited the store without paying full retail value.  We are currently attempting to identify this male.  He appears to have a tattoo on the right side of his neck. The grey hoodie under his jacket also has a reflective strip across the middle. Anyone with information on the identity of the male, please submit a tip or contact Ofc. Josh Candee at 610-929-4727 ext: 283.  Please reference report #66-17-00807.

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