Police Divisions

Patrol Division

     The Patrol Division performs the core function for the Department.  It operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  It is the largest and most visible division of our Department.  Some of the primary responsibilities of the Patrol Division involve responding to a variety of dispatched calls for service, investigating and prosecuting reports of crime and summary offenses, investigating vehicle crashes, enforcing traffic and parking regulations and assisting with public welfare issues.

Criminal Investigations Division

     The Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) consists of Detectives who primarily serve to investigate more complex and time consuming incidents.  Our Detectives have the capability and tools to investigate and prosecute wide variety of crimes.

Special Services Unit

     The Special Services Unit (S.S.U.) is a community based initiative serving to address an array of public concerns and safety issues.  The SSU also participates in a variety of community events and functions.  


     Our administrative staff is headed by the Chief of Police who oversees the day to day operations of the department.  He is assisted by the Lieutenant, administrative Sergeant and two clerical staff.