Scam Alert

There has been a recent increase in the number of scam reports being made to our department.  The scams are coming in the form of emails, texts, mail and most frequently by phone.  The scams may appear to be coming from the IRS, Social Security, Microsoft as well as from financial and credit card companies soliciting personal information.  Phone calls will appear to be coming from local phone numbers or may appear authentic on caller ID.  The scammers will attempt to get you to send them money by various methods including sending money orders and providing personal banking or credit card information.  They can be very convincing in their efforts and even resort to threats.  Many people have fallen victim to these scams and lost money, sometimes thousands of dollars.  It is important that you never provide any personal or financial information to anyone without verifying for legitimacy.  Also, do not provide access to your personal computers or open unknown email documents as the scammers will attempt to install malware on your computer and make you pay a ransom to remove it.  For additional information, please visit the IRS or Social Security websites:  or .