SHTWP - Point Road - Organic Waste Site Illegal Dumping



On Wednesday May 29, 2018 non-organic waste was illegally dumped at the South Heidelberg Township Organic Waste Site located on Point Road.  The materials dumped included: Drywall, bricks, televisions (2), electric heater, kitchen counter top and debris.  The incident occurred at approximately 11:10am May 29, 2018.    The following details relate to person(s) dumping the material:

Vehicle:  White Jeep Cherokee with black trim on bottom.  Vehicle has a Nike Air Jordan license plate in front.  PA License Plate (could not identify plate #)

Person:  Identified by an eye witness as a Hispanic Male who had a small child in the vehicle with him when the dumping occur.  Male was speaking Spanish on a cell phone when dumping occurred.  

Details:  Vehicle dumped drywall, bricks, televisions, counter top and other debris at waste site on May 29th, 2017 at approximately 11:10am.  Vehicle had back trunk open with drywall and counter top hanging out of vehicle when entering the site.  Possible that vehicle was driving on local roadways with trunk open and items hanging out back on way to Point Road Site.

If you have details you can contact the South Heidelberg Township Police Department and reference Incident 1417-18 or click on the "submit a tip" button to submit a tip or anonymous top.  Please help us catch the person who illegally dumped these materials.  Thank you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
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INCIDENT 1417-18

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