Traffic Watch Program

In 2018 South Heidelberg PD purchased an All Traffic Solutions Speed Trailer and a Houston Armadillo Traffic Tracker.  That same year, Police Department personnel created the Traffic Watch Program.  The Traffic Watch Program was designed to utilize the speed trailer and the Houston Armadillo Traffic Tracker to monitor problem traffic areas and share the data collected with the patrol division so that targeted enforcement can be deployed in those problem areas. 

The mission of the Traffic Watch Program is to make the roadways of South Heidelberg Township safer and to enhance the deployment of the Police Department’s resources.  

Recently members of the Traffic Watch Program implemented this plan in the 300 block of Wernersville Road.

Attached is the data collected from the All Traffic Solution Speed Trailer. 

The Speed Effectiveness Report details the success of the Speed Trailer.  The report analyzing the decrease in speed of a vehicle once they come in range of the Speed Trailer. 

Thanks to the date collected, Police were able to focus their efforts in the 300 block of Wernersville Road for ten day at times when violations were most likely to occur.  As a result of the Police Department’s efforts during those times, twelve vehicles were observed speeding and stopped by police.  Thanks to the data collected the Police Department will continue to monitor and enforce traffic laws in this area when violations are most likely to occur.     

If you would like to suggest a road in South Heidelberg to the Traffic Watch Program, please complete the attached form and turn it into the Police Department. 

PDF icon SHPD speed trailer PDF icon Speed Effectiveness Report Wernersville Road 4&5 -2019PDF icon Traffic Watch : Complaint Form PDF icon Houston Armadillo Traffice Tracker