Western Berks Ambulance

Western Berks Ambulance Membership

As a South Heidelberg Township resident your membership is paid in full. What does this mean? When a resident uses ambulance services, your insurance company will be billed by Western Berks Ambulance. No matter what amount the insurance pays toward the services billed, that amount will be accepted and the resident will not have to pay a balance. This means no out-of-pocket expense to our residents. In order to fund the ambulance tax, South Heidelberg instituted a 0.2 mill ambulance tax in 2010. Based on the average assessed value of $175,000, this equals a yearly payment of $35, which is far below the current level of membership fees charged by Western Berks. Note: Some insurance companies will send the payment directly to the resident. If this happens, submit and sign the check over to Western Berks Ambulance.

If you have any billing or membership questions please call: Western Berks EMS 610 678-1545 Ext. 6509 www.wbems.org

Western Berks Ambulance provides many services to the Community

These include:

  • Basic Life Support Services (BLS)

  • Advanced Life Support Services (ALS)

  • Wheelchair transportation

  • PUC transportation

  • Community Events

  • Demonstrations

To access the Western Berks Ambulance Website go to:  https://wbems.org/