Police Vacation Check Form

The South Heidelberg Township Police Department offers vacation checks, at the homeowner's request, to better serve the needs of our community.

The Police Department and the community need to work together to prevent break-ins while the owner is away for extended periods of time.

It is recommended that the homeowner follow these simple steps in order to better safeguard their home.  For instance:

*   Cancel Newspaper.
*   Put a hold on all mail. (forms may be obtained at the United States Postal Service Offices)
*   Ask a neighbor to collect leaflets left on the door.
*   Ask a neighbor to bring in trash cans from the roadway.
*   Possibly arrange for the grass/lawn to be mowed in your absence.
*   Leave emergency numbers with people chosen to watch your residence.
*   Remove messages on the home answering machine stating that you will be away.
*   Secure doors, windows, points of entry for animals, and turn off garage door opener.
*   Never leave a key outside, under a mat, "fake rock", or under a flower pot.
*   Ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway to make it look like the house is occupied.
*   Set automatic timers to turn on and off lights in the evening around the same time you would
     normally be in the home.
*   Possibly arrange to have your driveway plowed and sidewalks shoveled in the winter time.

 If you would like to participate in this service, please fill out the attached form and drop it off at the Township Offices located at 555A Mountain Home Road, Sinking Spring PA 19608.