Avoiding Scam Calls



The Township received a report from a resident relating to a “Chimney Cleaning Company” calling from 610-241-7084. The caller was asking for information from the resident and in researching this has been reported as a scam via online sources. The easiest advice is to ignore/don’t answer calls from blocked numbers or numbers you are not familiar with. However if you do answer the call:

THINK. Use your common sense whenever answering the phone. If something sounds unusual or too good to be true, don't fall for the trap! When in doubt, don't hand over any cash, personal details or other sensitive information. Also if you receive calls from blocked or questionable numbers simply don’t answer or if upon answering the call seems questionable simply hang up.

REQUEST. Ask for as much information as you can — the full name of the company or charity and some contact details — and do your research. Look up the company/charity online, search for the phone number you were given, and use databases such as 800notes.com to see if anybody has any experience with your caller. If you receive a call regarding contributing to a charity; no charity will run a phone-only fundraiser, so ask the caller to please point you to a website with more information. If it's a legitimate organization, this won't be a problem.

REPORT. Report the scam. You can help prevent others from falling victim to scammers. The early warning system for the FTC is every one of us. If you've received a call, mailing or email you think might be from a scammer, report the incident to the FTC by calling its consumer hot line at 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357). The FTC also has a good video on the topic

For more information on scams/phishing go to: https://www.usa.gov/stop-scams-frauds.

As always the South Heidelberg Township Police Department is available as well to help with questions or concerns you may have relating to phone/telemarketer scam calls. Thanks.