Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Tips

Now that we have all made it through the cold winter months, we now should turn our attention on how to make ourselves and our properties safe and free from criminal activity in the more pleasant upcoming summer months. 

One of the more prevalant crimes in the summer months are thefts from vehicles parked in the Borough. There has  already been an up turn in these types of crimes so far this year. A high percentage of these crimes is due to the victims leaving their vehicles parked "unlocked" which is an invitation for these types of crimes. Here are a few tips on how to avoid becoming a statistic and a victim of someone stealing items from your parked vehicle.

  • ALWAYS lock your vehicle when parked and not in use. Even if this is just to run into your home or place of business for a short period of time.
  • Never leave your GPS Device, IPod, or any other electronic device where it is visible from the outside of the vehicle. Always take it down and place it in the glove compartment or center console, etc.
  • Never leave the windows down or even cracked during the hot weather months, as it will only take a criminal a very short amount of time to get into your car.

Another type of crime of opportunity that is common in the summer months is when residents leave their screen doors unlocked whereas someone can just walk into your home and take items. If you have screen doors in either the front or rear of your home, please spend a few dollars and have a lock or latching device put on them. These locks should be engaged whenever that room is not occupied.

When going to bed for the night, or when not at home, please make sure all windows that are accessible from the ground are closed and locked. Ground level unlocked windows are the first place a criminal looking to burglarize your home will check to enter.