Message from the Chief's Office


Here at the West Reading Police Department we appreciate our relationship with the residents and business owners of our Borough. We are committed to public safety and improving our neighborhoods. These goals can be accomplished through communication, understanding and hard work. My personal style is to lead from the front and be very visible within our community. Please do not hesitate to reach out and invite myself and other WRPD Officers to community events or communicate with us on any issue affecting our Borough. We believe that relationships with our citizens are essential to moving forward. We will continue to work hard and remain committed to making our borough safer for our children and families.

Our main goal coming out of COVID-19 is to reestablish community relationships as the priority of our initiatives within the Borough of West Reading. We will work to increase our Officer’s visibility within our residential neighborhoods, schools and business district. You will see a renewed presence at events and activities within the Borough by WRPD Officers, as well as an increased focus and effort on communicating with you via social media and the CRIMEWATCH website. I would encourage you to visit this site, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages regularly, to stay connected with the public safety information that affects our community. We believe that in openly sharing information with you, we can build the relationships that provide for a stronger and safer place to live.

If you have information, we encourage you to share it via this site; it is safe, secure and convenient. We can also be reached directly at (610) 373-0111. No one has to ever know that you became an active participant in helping keep our community safe. We look forward to working with you to make our community safer and getting to know one another as fellow members of the same community. You are appreciated here in the Borough of West Reading.