ATTENTION: Street Sweeping Information

Good Day,

Over the past two weeks street sweeping has taken place on a Borough wide basis. During this this time, any vehicles parked during the posted days/times street sweeping occurred were issued warnings instead of violations. To date, over 250 warnings have been issued. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday June 23rd, 2020, all vehicles parked on streets posted for street sweeping will be issued violations, if they are parked when the sweeper is cleaning the street. As always, once the sweeper completes sweeping the street, and leaves a specific block, residents and others, are free to park on that block, regardless of the posted times. The sweeper normally makes two passes per side per block, and is then done on that block.

  • If any resident inadvertently received a street sweeping violation over the past two weeks, please contact the WRPD, and it will be excused.
  • The above pertains only to street sweeping. Once the Borough enters the green phase of re-opening full enforcement of permit and time limited parking areas will begin.
  • Attached below in PDF format is the 2020 street sweeping schedule, as provided by the West Reading Borough Crew.

On behalf of the WRPD, thanks and appreciation to all residents and visitors alike for all of the outstanding cooperation as we work through COVID -19 related issues.