Officer Recognition

On June 28,2016, during the regular meeting of the West Reading Borough Council, two officers from the West Reading Police Department were recognized for their actions during incidents that occurred earlier this year:

Officer Jess Stock:

While investigating a suspicious vehicle, Officer Stock saw that the vehicles occupant had attached a hose to the running vehicles exhaust pipe and had run the hose into one of the vehicles window vents, using tape to keep the hose in place, and create a seal within the vehicle. Officer Stock immediately cut the hose, open and ventilated the vehicle, roused the vehicles occupant and called for medical assistance. If not for Officer Stock's alert and decisive actions, this incident would have had a tragic outcome.

Officer Chad Marks:

The WRPD received a call for a subject who was lying on top of the cement wall on the Penn Street Bridge. Upon arriving on the Bridge, Officer Marks found a subject lying on the wall, with the subject's upper body, off of the wall, out over the water. Officer Marks engaged the subject in conversation and was able to convince the subject to come down off of the wall and onto the sidewalk, where Officer Marks was able to safely conclude the incident.

For their outstanding actions during these incidents Officer Stock and Marks were awarded the West Reading Police Lifesaving Award. The West Reading Police Department congratulates Officers Jesse Stock and Chad Marks on their well-deserved recognition!