Protect Your Vehicle Against Thieves

Attention Residents:  Recently we have had reports of theft from vehicles and/or attempted theft from vehicles in our neighborhoods.  As always, we will be out, proactively patrolling the streets both day and night, but we need your assistance in helping to protect your property and identifying potential thieves:

  1. Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times.
  2. Do not leave your vehicle unattended while running.
  3. Always roll up your windows completely when away from it.
  4. Install car alarm systems.
  5. Do not store important personal documents in your vehicle.
  6. Do not keep valuables stored in your vehicle.
  7. Report anything suspicious in your neighborhood by calling (610) 373-0111.  Do not approach strangers and/or potential thieves, but rather, call us and we will respond and take appropriate action.