The Wyomissing Police has seen an increase in fraud related to gift cards.  We would like to advise all residents to NEVER purchase gift cards as payment to any business or government agency.  NO local, state, or federal agency will ever accept or demand payment for services via gift cards. 

No legitimate business will ever contact you by phone/computer and request payment or reimbursement with gift cards.  If someone is asking you to purchase gift cards (prepaid Visa, iTunes, etc.) they are trying to scam you.  Hang up the phone or close the computer down.

Additionally, no government agency will call you by phone and ask or demand payment by any other payment means.  If you are in doubt, hang up, and call the Wyomissing Police.

The Wyomissing Police ask all residents to be highly suspicious of any unsolicited or requested phone calls, emails, text messages or computer pop up messages.  When in doubt, contact the police or ask a trusted friend or family member.