James Ely: 1914 - 1924

Dutch Griffith: 1924 -1935

Benjamin Widson: 1935 - 1946

Raymond E. Dissinger: 1946 - 1959 

Jacob L. Weber: 1959 - 1974

David Y. Bausher: 1974 - 1991

Donald G. Hoshauer: 1991 - 1996

Jeffrey R. Biehl: 1996 - 2020

John G. Phillips: 2021 - 

The Wyomissing Borough Council recognized the need for police services for its residents in 1914, which was begun by the Pennsylvania State Constabulatory (now the Pennsylvania State Police) continued with the formation of the Wyomissing Borough Police Department. The history of police services is documented in the Wyomissing Borough Police Department 1914- 2014 100 Years of Quality Professional Policing in the Borough of Wyomissing…a pictorial and time line account written by Lieutenant Thomas D. Endy in 2014. The time line documentary includes an appendix of the Wyomissing Hills Borough Police Department. 

Additionally, a Roll Call of police officers, their ranks, awards, and Mayors of Wyomissing is provided and will be updated as needed. Yearly addendums will be added annually.

The Wyomissing Borough Police Department is continually looking for police department photographs, memorabilia, and historical accounts. If you would have a piece of police department you would like to donate, share, or allow it to be photographed, please contact Lieutenant Thomas D. Endy at 610-375-6102, option #3, Extensions #141.

A collection of Wyomissing Borough Police memorabilia is located inside the police department for your review, please stop by to view history.




This patch was worn by the civilian dispatchers of the police department in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s

Note to Patch Traders and Collectors:
The Wyomissing Police Department receives a large amount of requests for patches from various people and groups – more than we can reasonably supply.  For this reason, requests for trades are ONLY honored from active/sworn law enforcement personnel that are submitted on official department letterhead, and include the requesting agency’s patch.  Only the current patch for our department is available for trade.

Submit Requests via US Mail to:

Wyomissing Police Department
22 Reading Boulevard
Wyomissing, PA  19610-20823

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