April is Alcohol Awareness Month

The Wyomissing Police Department wanted to let our residents know that April is Alcohol Awareness month.  In 2020, the Pennsylvania DUI Association statistics show that there were 7,700 alcohol-related crashes in Pennsylvania, which unfortunately resulted in 293 deaths.  Since 2020, our department has handled 63 DUI incidents and responded to over 1,500 accidents.  As a department, our goal is to keep the roadways safe for all who travel through our area.  We strive to do that by pro-actively enforcing traffic laws as well as participating in grant-funded activities focusing on Aggressive Driving as well as DUI roving patrols.

Additionally, our department has tried to reduce underage drinking by partnering with state agencies in getting information out about the dangers of associated with underage drinking.  Our efforts over the years have included talking in high school forums, passing out fliers in areas of college student housing and doing additional pro-active patrols focusing on alcohol sales to minors.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to your assistance as we strive to keep our community safe.  Remember, buckle up every time you get into a vehicle, and if you have been drinking please get someone else to drive you home.  Stay safe.