Mission & Values

South Heidelberg Township Police Mission

The mission of the South Heidelberg Township Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our township by providing the highest level of police services through a partnership with the community. The commitment of each member shall be to tirelessly protect the citizens of our community, serving them without prejudice and creating a safe, crime-free environment by enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Constitution.

South Heidelberg Township Police Core Values

Integrity: A fundamental mandate of our profession is to conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity that merits the respect of the people we serve. We will always act with honesty and transparency in everything we say and do. Our actions will always be consistent with our core values, our code of ethics and the law. We will always maintain our commitment by having a reverence of the law in both our personal and professional lives, regardless of the situation. We are proud of the traditions of our chosen profession and recognize that our actions must continually justify the trust bestowed to us by those we serve.

Service:   We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service to the community to safeguard lives and property, reduce crime and disorder and enhance public safety. We value proactive problem solving and enforcement in order to reduce the incidences of crime and fear of crime. We continuously work to fulfill our oaths as public servants by responding to the needs of those we serve.

Community:  We will develop programs that seek solutions to community issues through a partnership with the people we serve. We work in partnership with the community to resolve community problems that effect quality of life and public safety.  Through this partnership we recognize and respect individual differences and encourage residents to work cohesively to promote positive solutions to community concerns.