Frequently Asked Questions

See our form on what to do if you are stopped by a police officer, click here 

Refer to Access to Public Records Fee Schedule under "About Us", or click here

If you need fingerprinting please contact the Berks County Sheriffs Department, (610) 478-6395.

 No. Per the PA Motor Vehicle Code, a motorized scooter is both a vehicle and a motor vehicle, and is subject to the laws covering registration, titles, inspection, insurance, licensing of operator and the general rules of the roadway.

You can obtain online forms for certain reports to complete and forward to our department. See our "Online Reports" link for a list of these certain report forms.  Some of these reports must be personally submitted at our office with proof of identification.

A crash is reportable when it occurs on a traffic-way, and there is an injury or death of any person involved, and/or damage to any vehicle involved to the extent that it cannot be driven under its own power.

A vehicle (other than a pedalcycle) is abandoned on public streets if it is parked for more than 48 hours while displaying an expired inspection or registration sticker; is in an inoperable condition; or is parked illegally.  A vehicle is abandoned on private property if  it has been parked there for more than 24 hours without the consent of the property owner, in which case the property owner or designee must report the vehicle as abandoned.  See the online form to report abandoned vehicles.

The curfew in Muhlenberg Twp. is 9:00 pm to 5:00 am every day, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Parking, traffic and non-traffic citations may be paid at the Magistrate's Office during normal business hours, at 427 Water Street, Temple, PA 19560.

Our department is located at 210 George Street, Reading, PA 19560. 

Crimes can be reported in several ways: For emergencies, dial 911; For non-emergencies, call our office directly at (610) 929-5454 or call the Berks County Communications Center non-emergency line at (610) 655-4911; Personally make reports at our office; and by completing online report forms that can be obtained through this website and forwarding them to our department.