Theft of Guns



The Morgantown Classic Auto Mall located at 6180 Morgantown Road, Morgantown, PA 19543 in Caernarvon Township, Berks County hosted an American Eagle Gun Show on the weekend of August 28-30. During that time several firearms were stolen. On the afternoon of August 29, five African American males were observed arriving in two vehicles. One was a black in color Jeep Grand Cherokee a PA registration and the other vehicle was a dark green in color Chevy Malibu with a PA registration. The males, described below, entered the Gun Show and split up. The male with the white sleeveless shirt and tattoo on his right bicep is observed grabbing a gun off of a table display and secreting it under his shirt. Also on the same date, the male with the light blue t-shirt was observed placing his jacket on a table that was left unattended, opened a glass table top display case and removed a pistol. Other guns were also stolen during this time. The investigation is on-going. We are attempting to identify these individuals. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Corporal Chad Eberly at 610-286-1012.

Suspect Description: (1) Black Male, very short black hair, wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt, black track pants, white sneakers, with a distinctive tattoo on his right bicep. (2) Black male, short black hair, wearing black t-shirt with white logo on front, black jeans with holes in the front and black sneakers. (3) Black male, very short black hair, black t-shirt with a small triangle logo on the front, large triangle logo on the back with flowers, black pants and white sneakers. (4) Black male in a wheel chair wearing black ADIDAS hat, black hoodie with many different countries flags down the arms, black ADIDAS track pants, and black shoes. (5) Black male with a white baseball hat, light blue Ralph Lauren t-shirt, grey track pants, black shoes, carrying a black jacket.


Saturday, August 29, 2020 - 10:00am

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