Solicitation Permits


Persons applying for their initial solicitation permit in Caernarvon Township, Berks County, will comply with the following requirements:

1 - Persons will be required to complete a solicitation permit application.

2 – The applicant will present a photo I.D. with a verifiable address. A copy of the I. D. will be attached to the application. The applicant must provide a Criminal Records Background check from the PA State Police (form attached – fee associated).

3 – The applicant will pay the required permit fee at the time of application.

4 – In the case that the applicant is a representative of a company, organization or service other than their own self-owned company or service, the applicant will present an original letter addressed to Caernarvon Township from the company, organization or service on their letterhead stating that they are an authorized representative of that company, organization or service. In the case of a self-owned company or service the applicant will supply Caernarvon Township an original letter on their company letterhead stating that they are the owner of the company or service. This documentation will be attached to the application.

5 – Upon verification of the information provided, the application will be approved and the Township Secretary will issue the permit for a period of one-month.

6 – Renewals after the initial permit has expired will require a new application and fee to be paid. No additional information will be required unless the information presented for the initial application and documentation process has changed.

A link to file for a solicitation permit can be found by clicking here.