Frequently Asked Questions

CRIMEWATCH staff and the criminal justice agencies associated with the CRIMEWATCH network, understand that each individual’s circumstances are unique and require special attention. If you feel that you are justified in having your information removed from CRIMEWATCH, please follow these instructions:

To assist staff in determining the status of your listing, please provide copies of the following documentation:

  • Complete listing of your contact information including address, phone number and email where you can be reached.
  • Copy of your Case disposition showing that your charges were: Dropped, Expunged or Dismissed.
  • Proof that you have completed your adjudication that may include time served, warrants cleared, etc. Include a non-refundable money order for the amount of $20.00 for processing. Payment should be made to CRIMEWATCH Technologies, Inc.

This information can be mailed to: CRIMEWATCH Technologies P.O. Box 339 East Berlin, PA 17316. Upon review of your submitted material a decision will be rendered in removing you from the CRIMEWATCH System. You will be notified of this decision. Please allow up to three weeks for processing.

At this time, we do not trade or send out our police department patches.

Contact Berks Radio at 610-655-4911. They have an animal log book which they reference when they receive calls for lost and found animals. They will notify the Police Officers on duty who will then keep an eye out for your lost pet. You can also contact the Animal Rescue League at 610-373-8830 and see if your pet was turned in to them.

The Police Department does check residences and businesses while people are away on vacation/business. We suggest that you contact the Police Department and provide them with your vacation information, such as the time you will be away, lights on timers, people with keys to your residence in case of emergency, etc. There is a form under our forms section that would need to be filled out.

You must go to the Berks County Sheriff’s Department on the fourth floor of the Berks County Court House and pick up an application. Additional information on how obtain a gun permit can be found on their website:

At this time the Police Department does not have a policy regarding citizen ride-along. If that policy changes, we will make it known on our web site.

An extensive speed enforcement program is in effect. If you have particular concerns, please contact the Police Department and ask for Officer Tranovich ext. 121 who heads the state funded speed enforcement and aggressive driver grants for the department. He will address your complaints.

The department also has a radar speed sign available to be placed on signs posts. The radar speed sign will flash the speed a vehicle is going in hopes of catching the driver's attention and making them slow down. The sign also monitors traffic speeds and patterns and can guide the police department in finding problem areas with speeding.

The Police Department cannot provide license information to citizens; however, you can contact PennDot for information.

It is difficult to break down crime statistics for each neighborhood in the Township; however, UCR (Uniform Crime Report Data) for the entire Township is available. You may visit If you have any concerns about a certain area of the Township any Police Officer will gladly assist you with your questions.

Traffic and non-traffic citations may be paid at the Magistrate's Office during normal business hours, at 321 N. Furnace Street, Birdsboro, PA 19508 and they may be contacted at (610) 582-8615.

The curfew in Caernarvon Township is 11:00 pm to 5:00 am every day, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

You may call the Police Department general number (610-286-1012) or request to speak with Officer Thomas Brecker at ext. 119. Officer Brecker is a member of the Berks County Drug Task Force and can investigate any crimes of drug activity occurring not only in the Township, but in the County of Berks. The more information you can provide, the better. Information such as name(s) and address(es) of the person(s) you are reporting is helpful. Vehicle information (license plate numbers if possible), type of activity, hours of occurrence, etc. should also be noted and reported. You do not have to leave your name; however, it is helpful should further information be needed.

Non-Emergency number (610) 286-1012, M-F 0800-1600 hours or 24 hours a day (610) 655-4911.

Accident reports are available at the Police Department Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm. The cost for these reports is currently $15.00. Copies of criminal reports cannot be furnished to victims or insurance companies without a subpoena; however, we do provide proof that crimes have been reported to insurance companies.

Contact the Berks County Sheriffs Department Warrants Division at 610-478-6240.

Yes, we only request that you make an appointment by calling (610) 286-1012. This service is available for residents of Caernarvon Township only and there is a $25 charge for this service.

Any officer can provide you with a detailed explanation of your rights under the Protection from Abuse Act. You may also visit the county's website to learn more:

The Caernarvon Township Police Department will place an advertisement in the Reading Eagle, which is the first step in the hiring process. The requirements and specifics will be provided in the ad copy.

You can also provide the department with your application at any time and it will be held on file should a vacancy present itself. Part TIme Police Application | Caernarvon Township Police Department (