The Caernarvon Township Police received a report of a new scam in the area where the caller reports that the victim missed jury duty and has to pay a fine by credit card or be arrested. Below is a description of the scam from the Chester County Sheriff's Department.

Jury Duty
Scammers have contacted victims by claiming they are a deputy court administrator. The criminals tell their targets that they failed to report for jury duty and a warrant for their arrest has been filed which contains a fine of $1000.00, and to remain on the phone so police can track their location. Victims stated they could hear police radio communication in the background of the phone call. The criminal’s call-back number answers with a sophisticated message including names and titles of county employees.

Court officials will only contact you by mail for jury duty, and will never call someone to demand they pay a fine.

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office reminds everyone that law enforcement, or any other government agency, will NOT call, email, send a text message, or use social media, to ask for or demand purchase of any type of prepaid credit cards, ITunes cards, or ask for personal banking information, or to use “bitcoin” service, or any sort of funding website such as “Gofundme”. These types of communications are a scam! If for any reason you feel threatened and believe these requests are not genuine, do not hesitate to contact your local law enforcement agency or the agency the scammers are saying they are with by obtaining a verified phone number from an independent source. DO NOT USE the phone number provided by the scammers; you will only be calling the criminal back.

People who are illegally asking for funds will utilize multiple facets of technology such as the phone, email message, social media, and many others, even going as far as sending text messages to your phone in order to steal money from unsuspecting individuals. Scammers are relentless, very aggressive, and can be very convincing preying on a person’s fear such as they will either be arrested, punished by law enforcement, the IRS will be notified, one of their grandchildren is sitting in jail, and many other kinds of threats and intimidation to create panic in the person being victimized.