Officer's Participate in Dark Horse Drug Interdiction Training

On Thursday and Friday Ofc. Kyle TRANOVICH, Ofc. Matthew YATSKO and Ofc. Thomas BRECKER of the Caernarvon Township Police Department attended a training held at the police department to learn about Criminal Interception/Interdiction. Some of the topics covered in this training were Physiology of Nervousness, Changes in Driving Behavior, Behavioral & Verbal Indicators, Small Town/Rural Interdiction Techniques, Rapid Vehicle Assessment, Items of Interest, Concealed/Mechanical Compartments, Roadside Interviews, Credit Card/Bank Card skimming and cloning trends, Organized Retail Theft and Felony Lane Gang items of interest, Human Trafficking, Road Side Interview Practical, Tactical Approach to Vehicle, Systematic Search Pattern, and a Hands On Searching of Loaded Vehicles.

This course was very dynamic and hands on. We would like to thank Dark Horse Law Enforcement Training LLC for putting on this great training. We would also like to give a big thank you to V&M Towing for donating their time and some of their vehicles for the hands on training for this course. Without the vehicles the course could not have went on. Thank you!