Community Relations

Welcome to Community Relations Unit for the Township of Spring Police Department. The current administration of the Police Department feels that one of the most important aspects of a Police Department is the relationship between the community and the police officers. To address this area, the Community Relations Unit was formed. The goal of the unit is to create a positive working relationship between the community and the Police Department. The unit works to achieve this goal by making the Police Department more active in the community, to create and nurture a better rapport with the citizens of the Township of Spring and by providing ways to prevent crimes from occurring in the Township. Patrolman James Matthews is the leader of the Community Relations Unit.

                       The Unit has several programs available to the community:

  • PA Crime Victims Compensation Act
  • Appearances
  • Tours of the Police Department

A strong community can only exist with the help of a strong Police Department, but a strong Police Department can only exist with the help of a strong community. This is only the first step in making our community and Police Department strong. Please find a way to get involved and help us meet our goals.

PA Crime Victims Compensation Act

You are a victim of a crime. What are your rights as the victim? If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth has in place a law to help crime victims.Officers will provide crime victims with a Crime Victim Compensation packet and application.  The packet explains the process for having the Commonwealth potentially cover various expenses a crime victim may incur.  In addition the packet provides crime victims with a list of organizations that are available in Berks County that can assist the victim.

A downloadable version of the Crime Victim Compensation Claim Form and other victim information can be found on the following website:


The unit is available to appear at a variety of group functions. Our Community Relations officers have given presentations to various groups on topics such as telemarketing fraud, charity fraud, seatbelt awareness, dealing with strangers, Mc Gruff (the crime fighting dog), Eddie the Eagle (gun safety awareness), and other programs as requested from the community..
Anyone interested in having an officer attend a function please contact Patrolman Matthews at the office at (610) 678-3431 or by Email:

Tours of Police Department

The unit will give a tour of the Police Department for various groups. These tours are very popular for the Cub Scout Troops in the Township. The tour includes the ability to be in a police cruiser, showing the individual offices, meeting the officers who are at the office (including the Chief of Police, Lieutenant of the Detectives, the Detective Division, etc.), seeing the evidence processing area, holding cells, and fingerprinting room. A brief discussion of various topics and the presentation of a Jr. Police Officer Badge, a Stranger Awareness Coloring Book, and other handouts are included in the tour. Anyone interested in scheduling a tour please contact Patrolman Matthews at the office at (610) 678-3431 or by Email:

ALICE Training (Active Shooter)

The Community Relations Unit has three officers that are ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) certified instructors.  The officers offer the training to businesses, places of worship, schools, and large organizations.  Anyone interested in additional information, please contact Patrolman Matthews at (610) 678-3431 or by email:

Future Programs

The unit is always interested in receiving input from the public about the types of programs the Community would like to see from the Unit.

If you have a suggestion for the Unit, please feel free to contact Patrolman James Matthews at the office at (610) 678-3431 or by Email:

Sponsorship of Programs

The unit would also like to give the business community an opportunity to get involved. The unit has several programs it would like to provide, but there still is a need for sponsorship to make them a reality. Various brochures, publications, and miscellaneous trinkets are provided to the public at various events and functions.  Because of the ever growing expense involved in purchasing these items, a business can help by being a sponsor.

One popular form of Community Involvement our Community Relations Unit gets requests for is the Kid Card ID kit. The Unit provides a parent/guardian with a card containing the child’s photograph, thumb print, and other vital information that would be useful in the event the child would go missing. The child is also given a similar card to carry with him/her.

Any business that is interested in more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact Patrolman James Matthews at the office at (610) 678-3431 or by Email: