Frequently Asked Questions

Accident reports are available at the Police Department Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm. The cost for these reports is currently $15.00. Copies of criminal reports cannot be furnished to victims or insurance companies without a subpoena; however, we do provide proof that crimes have been reported to insurance companies.

Contact the Berks County Sheriffs Department Warrants Division at 610-478-6240.

Non-Emergency number 610-678-3431, M-F 0800-1630 hrs. or 24 hrs a day 610-655-4911.

The Township of Spring Police Department will place an advertisement in the Reading Eagle, which is the first step in the hiring process. The requirements and specifics will be provided in the ad copy.

Any officer can provide you with a detailed explanation of your rights under the Protection from Abuse Act.

You may call the Police Department general number or the Criminal Investigations Division at 610-678-3431. The more information you can provide, the better. Information such as names and address of the person you are reporting is helpful. Vehicle information (license plate numbers if possible), type of activity, hours of occurrence, etc. should also be noted and reported. You do not have to leave your name; however, it is helpful should further information be needed.

The Police Department cannot provide license information to citizens; however, you can contact PennDot for information.

Yes, some special services are available. You can contact Ptlm. James Matthews to see if your particular situation is applicable.  You can reach him at 610-678-3431 or email

You can contact Ptlm. James Matthews of our Community Relations unit who has been specifically trained to answer your questions.

An extensive speed enforcement program is in effect. If you have particular concerns, please contact the Police Department's Traffic Safety Unit and an officer will address your complaints.

At this time the Police Department does not have a policy regarding citizen ride-along. If that policy changes, we will make it known on our web site.

It is difficult to break down crime statistics for each neighborhood in the Township of Spring; however, UCR (Uniform Crime Report Data) for the entire Township of Spring is available. If you have any concerns about a certain area of the Township of Spring any Police Officer will gladly assist you with your questions.

You must go to the Berks County Sheriff’s Department on the fourth floor of the Berks County Court House and pick up an application.

The Police Department does not physically check residences or business while people are away on vacation/business; however, we do suggest that you contact the Police Department and provide them with your vacation information, such as the time you will be away, lights on timers, people with keys to your residence in case of emergency, etc.

Yes, we only request that you make an appointment by calling 610-678-3431. This service is available for Township of Spring residents only and there is no charge for this service.

Tours of the Police Department can be arranged by contacting Patrolman James Matthew at 610-678-3431 or email him at