Right-To-Know Request

Open Records Information and Access Request Form

Passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature, Act No 2008-3 becomes effective January 1, 2009, requires the Township of Spring establish written policies necessary to provide for access to public records of the Township.  All requests must be made in writing, verbally (in person or telephonically), or by facsimile. John Groller has been designated as the Township’s Open Records Officer.  Requests for access to public records shall be directed to Mr. Groller at the Township of Spring, 2850 Windmill Road, Sinking Spring, PA  19608; telephone: 610-678-5393, facsimile: 610-678-4571, E-mail: contact@springtwpberks.org.  When a request is received for access to public records, the Township will make a determination within five (5) business days of receipt of the request, to grant or deny the request.  The person or entity requesting the information will be promptly notified of the Township’s decision.  Township of Spring Resolution No. 2008-19 which provides the Township’s policies relative to access to public records is available in the Township Secretary’s office at the Municipal Building at 2850 Windmill Road, Sinking Spring, PA  19608.

The “Request for Access to Public Records Form” is available below and also in the Township Secretary’s
office at the Municipal Building.

NOTE:  Do not request Spring Township Police audio or video recordings using the Right-to-Know Law.  The Right-to-Know Law does not apply to requests for these recordings.  Please see our Video Recording Request section for information and request form for audio or video recordings.

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