PLEASE...Lock Your Car Doors

Notice to Residents and Visitors: LOCK YOUR VEHICLES!

We have received several reports from residents about stolen items from their vehicles or that their vehicles appear to have been "gone through" overnight.  Unfortunately, this type of activity occurs every spring and summer and, although the WRPD is very active with patrolling our streets at night; protecting our residents, businesses and visitors...WE NEED YOUR HELP!

As it is almost every year...the reports are stemming from unlocked vehicles!

Please try to follow these suggestions/tips:

  1. Lock your doors
    • While this piece of advice should be a no-brainer,  many, many vehicle thefts are from unlocked vehicles. Even if you're running into the store to grab a quick drink...that may be too long to leave your vehicle while unattended and unlocked. Simply locking the doors will deter those who might just be waiting around for an easy target.
  2. Keep it tidy
    • Almost any personal item that's visible from the outside -- even an empty shopping bag -- could be seen as a valuable or a carrier of valuables. If you have a vehicle that leaves your cargo area on display, consider getting some type of cover to help keep shopping bags or other belongings out of sight.
  3. If you can't or don't remove your property from your vehicle...Conceal It!
    • Don't leave any bait out for thieves; stow your electronics and accessories well out of sight or, better still, bring it with you;  including power plugs and navigation system or phone mounts.
  4. Stash before...not park
    • Get in the habit of putting shopping bags in the trunk right when you return to the vehicle, rather than after you park at the next place. Thieves sometimes linger in busy parking lots looking for valuables being moved out of sight.
  5. Lastly... If you see something that is suspicious... CALL US!
    • If at all possible, do not send a Facebook message or "tip" to our web page (these types of messages are not monitored 24 hours a day).  Call us at (610) 373-0111 for non-emergencies or, as always, dial 911 in an emergency.

By following these simple suggestions you can greatly reduce your chance of these types of crimes occurring; keeping your property safe and hopefully enjoying the rest of the spring and summer in beautiful West Reading Borough!