Vacation Notice

Going away?  The West Reading Borough Police Department now offers this convenient "Vacation Notice" form to our Borough residents.   Please complete the below form as completely and thoroughly as possible to assist us in helping you if an emergency/issue arises while you are away.

In the "Home Summary" notes box below, as well as the other requested information, please make sure to add your vehicle's registration number and state, make, model and color (especially if left on a borough street while you are gone).

Have a safe trip and we will be here for you when you return!

Contact Info
Home Location
Map Marker

Hint, click the map to add or drag a GPS Marker. Zoom in for a better view.

Vacation Duration
Select the dates and times for when you leave and return.
Home Details
For each vehicle parked outdoors, please add its registration plate state/number, make, model and color in the "Notes" box below.
If somone is checking on your home while you are away, add their information in the "Notes" box below if different than your listed emergency contact person.
Emergency Contact
Enter details for the person who should be contacted in case of any emergency.
Home Summary
Enter additional information such as the make, model and color of vehicles left at home, pets left at home, light timers, alarm systems, visitors, etc.